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The Six Forgotten Giants at Vestegnen

Can you find the six wooden Giants? Go on a treasure hunt to find the six Giants hidden in the nature of Vestegnen.

Find The Six Forgotten Giants at Vestegnen. In 2016 the artist Thomas Dambo together with a team of workers build 6 giants of recykled wood. The 6 giants are hitten at lush forests, meadows and hilltops at selected spots around the western suburbs. Take on a trip to visit the wodden giants. The Giants invite the kids to play and use their fantasy.


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How to find The Six Giants

To find the 6 giants you have to follow Thomas Dambo's map.

Kæmpen Thomas på bjerget med børn

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The Danish artist Thomas Dambo have together with a team of workers created sculptures out of waste or recycled materials found around the city. With his art work Thomas wants to inspire people to look at waste in a new way. He wants to use it as a resource - and have fun doing so.

Kæmpen Lille Tilde

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