The Seaside

Take a break and visit the lovely seaside with dunes and sandy beaches at Vestegnen near Copenhagen

It is great to take a dip in the summer heat and Vestegnen has the most beautiful beaches near Copenhagen. Vestegnen has a 7 km. long coastline, from Hundige in the south to Avedøre in the north, with white sand, dunes and fresh water. Enjoy great weather with a relaxing day at the beach and get close to nature and the sea. There are several parking lots along the beach but you can also go by bicycle and public transportation. Take the train from Copenhagen and get off at Ishøj Station and change to bus number 128 towards ARKEN Museum of Modern Art.

Go explore nature

If you get restless and need a chance you could go explore the nature. Vestegnen offers beautiful scenery. Take the bike around the Beach Park and look at the many flowers and birds or bike to the country side of Ishøj and visit the small villages Thorslunde or Tranegilde. Get more information at Ishøj Tourist Office.

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Hav a nice time at the beach

Adress Ishøj Strand:

Skovvej 100

2635 Ishøj

Lifeguards at the beach

In the summer season the beaches are equipped with lifeguards at selected locations to guard the swimming guests. You canbuy ice creamand other treatsat the kiosk or you could go for a walk at the litle marina.

The kiosk at Ishøj beach