Bike trip around Copenhagen

Biking in Vestegnen

August 30, 2018

Get of the beaten track and spend a day in Vestegnen!

We offer interesting welfare architecture, spectacular museums, hidden giants, beautiful beaches, forests and recreational areas for different activities. We have more than 200 km of well build bicycle lanes which will take you to all above mentioned sights as well as different city centers and shopping experiences.

If you want to go to Arken – Museum of Modern Art we highly recommend to rent or borrow a bike and go there in a slow pace, spending a day experiencing one of the most interesting and less touristic part of Greater Copenhagen. The route to the museum is about 17 km long, and if your legs are sore, you can easily take the train back with the bikes, without extra charges.

If you are really into biking we suggest a 42 km route around Vestegnen, also normally used for marathons. The route can easily be traveled in intervals if the 42 km is a little too far in one stretch. The route leads you through entire Vestegnen and you will experience the magnificent scenery, exciting and distinctive architecture and along the route you will pass some of Vestegnen's most spectacular attractions! The route is regularly used as route for the Vestegn Marathon.

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