- go explore Vestegnen on two wheels

Vestegnen is the perfect location for day trips on two wheels

With more than 200 kilometres of bike lane and pathways it is easy to get about

Located just South-West of Copenhagen, Vestegnen is ideal as a base from wich to go on day-trips by bike.You can reach Copenhagen, Roskilde, North Zealand, Køge and, if you are in good shape, Stevns.

After a rewarding day on the bike, it is great to know that you have a nice bed to return to. Luckily, Vestegnen has a lot of bike-friendly choices when it comes to a place to stay.

 Vestegnen's bike lanes

Vestegnen biking

Vestegnen is the perfect place to go biking. With more than 200 kilometres of bike lane and pathways it is easy to get a front row seat to our beautiful natural surroundings. In fact, it is often easier to get around by bike than by car in Greater Copenhagen, sp why not hop on your bike and try it out?

Grab your bike - see the marinas

Marinas in the Beach Park

Get on your bike and go marina hopping!

Ringebæk lake in Køge Bay Beach Park

The Beach Park

Køge Bay Beach Park - or simply the Beach Park - is a 7 kilometres strech of stunning coast line. Here you find angling waters, marinas, some of Denmark's best beaches and even an internationaly acclaimed art museum, ARKEN - museum of modern art.

Map of the Vestegn Route

The Vestegn Route - made for cykling

The Vestegn route is officially recognized as a marathon route. One can do the entire strech in one go or devide it into stages according to one's wishes. The route takes you through all of Vestegnen, through rural areas, past exciting architecture and even by some of Greater Copenhagen's most interesting attractions! 




ARKENs entrance

Changing gears to modern art

Visit the impressive museum of modern art

Kroppedal Museum

Natural Kroppedal

Apart from the very interesting archeological and astronomical exhibitions, Kroppedal Museum offers beautiful natural surroundings.