The Beach Park

A highlight of Ishøj's development is Ishøj Beach Park, a recreational paradise just 15 minutes from central Copenhagen.

Ishøj beach park is an artificially created coastal environment. The work to make this park a reality in 1980 was immense, and included land reclamation, moving several million cubic metres of sand, digging lakes, making dunes and planting parks, building a harbour and constructing roads and paths. The result was marvellous with a scenic beach park covering about 5 square kilometres.

The place is visited by thousands of visitors every year who enjoy the man-made paradise and the pure bathing water. The coastline comprises a 7 km long beach running from Brøndby via Vallensbæk and Ishøj to Greve.


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Ishøj Strand, Ishøj
2635 Ishøj


  • Facilities

    • Lavatory
    • Tables and benches
    • Marked-out routes
    • Restaurant/Cafe
    • Centre of Information
    • Coach park
    • Kiosk
  • Type

    • Beach
    • Bay
    • Dune area



Longitude : 12.382736541
Latitude : 55.606230054